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My name is Gayle Bell. I live in Southern Illinois with my husband, Alan, and two teen-aged sons, J.R. and Matt.

Of course, like most little girls, I played with dolls! Then I grew up and put them away for many years.

Several years ago, my husband bought me a Barbie doll for Christmas and it started a whole new phase of my life. As my Barbie collection grew, I found out that my childhood dolls were still stored away at my mom's house, including some very vintage Barbies!! My collection is now residing on shelves, cabinets, in closets and in boxes all over my house. Yes, I am addicted!!

A couple of years ago, I went to a Doll Show and decided I wanted something different. I had heard about and seen pictures of Gene, the new doll from Ashton-Drake. My first Gene doll was a Monaco. You will see her modeling some of my clothes from time to time.

Of course, it was only a matter of time until I added Tyler, D & W, Julia and Brenda!! My, how the family has grown. And they are all patiently waiting for Madra, Eve, Micki, Alex, and Esme!!

Last year, I discovered eBay and now sell a lot of my designs there. Most of what is on my website has been test-marketed on eBay. Click on the eBay Logo to see what my customers have to say about me and my work!

To reach me by email, simply click on the bluebird on any page!!