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FIRST PRIZE: St. Moritz from Michelle T. and AD

RUNNER UP: Gene Key Chain from Linda P.S.


Rules: Email your entries to Gayle. Do NOT post your entries to the HLAYG list (that would give away who wrote each entry).

Entries due no later than: Saturday, Oct 21, 2 pm CST

Voting will be held on Saturday, Oct 21 from 3-6 pm CST

Please email your votes directly to Gayle (email link below).

Do NOT post your votes to the HLAYG list (that would give away who voted for each entry and might hurt some feelings).

I will announce the winner to the HLAYG list at 6 pm CST.







There was a Gene done as a dancer,

She really looked quite the prancer.

In circles she went

Til a fella named Trent

Showed up to woo and romance her.


There was a young woman named Gene

Who made it to Hollywood's scene.

When asked how she did

While still just a kid

Madra's face turned a mean shade of green!


I know that it just isn't kind

To make fun of Gene's rutund behind

But a rump like a bubble

Is asking for trouble

And panties that bunch up and bind.


There once was an artist named Mel

Who could draw so incredibly well.

He discovered his dream

And created a Gene

A dream we all share in as well


Gene's next role will be Miss America,

With her talents she becomes a true mantra,

She can wiggle and shake,

Gene's a real hotcake,

And she won with her speech on Vendanta??????


Who is Trent Osborne? Gene wants to know--

For this guy she should plan her trousseau?

Ugly as sin,

With a nose that can't win,

Please! Give her Mel Gibson on trade-in!


Madra Lord is Gene Marshall's arch-enemy.

She is wicked and cunning and haughty.

You could say she's a bitch,

And she fits in the niche,

Of a floozie who is always naughty!


Once upon a time in Monaco,

Gene decided that she just would not go

"all the way" with her Prince

But then he convinced

Her with music by playing his banjo!


There once was a doll named Gene

The star of the Fashion Doll scene.

Now there's Madra, Willow and Kate

But to me Gene is still first rate.


There once was a vinyl collectible

Named Gene, looking very delectable.

A dremel in hand

Proceeded to sand

Her face off. Is she correctable?


Gene danced through the night with such flair

Sparkling lights showing off swinging hair

She stumbled in surprise

When she met HIS blue eyes

"My goodness! Someone get me a chair!"


There once was a gal named Madra

Who aspired to be better than all ya

She preened and she sputtered,

She bitched and she muttered,

"Oh, I am so better than Gene!"


There once was a doctor's Daughter

Who worked at premiers as an usher.

Until one fateful night

When a director caught sight,

And whisked her away with her mother


Barbie was reigning supreme

When Gene appeared on the scene

Gene was an instant sensation

That encompassed our nation

That Barbie is now seeing green


That Trent our girl Gene did dream of,

Though she thought he appeared a bit rough,

Then she noticed his profile...

Said his nose; it was so vile,

Now she's searching for another true love!


There once was a girl name of Gene-ie,

Whose friend Madra was such a meanie,

A detective she hired

To sift though the mire,

Found out Madra was NOT a "virgene-ie!!!"


There once was a starlet named Gene,

Who made Madra, an old hat, go green.

Then there was a mishap,

Madra fell through the floor gap,

Maybe things are not quite as the seem.


First there was Gene

Quite a magical queen

Then along came a Spider

And we were all frantic to buy her

Madra arrived on the scene


There once was an actress named Gene,

The most beautiful doll on the scene,

It was love at first sight,

Now my bank book's a fright,

And she put the kabosh on The Teen.


Discovered when she was an usherette,

A big star now, she never would have bet.

She starred in Blonde Lace,

And acted with such grace,

Which angered poor Madra on the set!


My platinum Gene has an attitude

Simply won't respond to a platitude.

She wants everything NOW

And doesn't see how

I could possibly expect any gratitude.


There once was a maid from Pewaukee

She grew tired of baseball and hockey.

So bought a new doll named Gene

And started her own magazine.

She called it H.L.A.Y.G!


Mel gave us a "Queen"

And her name is Gene

She's lovely to look at

Even without her hat

She just has to be seen!


There once was a girl named Gene,

Who soon became Hollywood's Queen.

She arrived on a train;

While Madra fought for her reign

And declared "I will not make a scene!"

ENTRY #25 (not qualified for prizes...Just for fun!)

There once was a young gal named Gene,

Who made a splash on the Hollywood scene,

When asked: How'd you do it?

She said -- Nothing to it!

I simply followed my dream!!


Has anyone else wondered why,

On our "girl" who seems to be shy...

With her looks so demure,

And a smile so pure....

Wears no UNDIES? Oh pleassssse tell me why?


There was a young lady named Gene

Who fancied becoming a movie queen

Madra Lord wouldn't have it

(Co-starring wasn't her habit)

And tried to stop her from "sharing the dream"!