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Friday Morning...

Is it time yet?? The girls are patiently waiting for noon and party-time!! Finally, they will get to check out all of Gene's new stuff.







Friday Noon...

The Secret Swap gift comes first! It's almost too pretty to open. But of course, they will anyway!!! What COULD it be??





Wow...look at all the cool stuff! Roxanne is holding the evening gown while Tyler clowns with the hat. Gene can hardly wait to try them on, but first she has to check out all the jewelry and other stuff that came in the package!






She's got hair clips, a china cup and saucer with a display rack, posters, cakes, a martini, perfume, a pair of panties to go under her new dress and lots of new jewels!!





The Goody Bag is next! So much cool stuff to go through. Gene quickly grabs the tote bag and flowers!! She's also thrilled to have the hat box, since she only had one. Roxanne is holding the Christmas wreath while Tyler grabbed the orange beads that match her shorts and the black purse that match her t-shirt! They had so much fun going through everything and Gene still has to decide which Perfect Pattern to get!!